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Compress files mac os x

Matt Cone January 8, 2021 TutorialsMac

Right-click a file or folder you want to compress. This displays a pop-up menu next to the file or folder. Nearly all files can be compressed, but some files can only be compressed by a small amount. Compressing photos is often necessary before sending them via email or uploading them to your website. You can compress photos on both Windows and Mac computers by using a free website, or you can use your computer's Photos app to compress an image to a smaller size. If you own a Mac but still need to use PowerPoint for work, you’re in luck. There are a few ways of compressing PowerPoint files to fit your file limit in organisations with email filters so you won’t need to use file-sharing services like DropBox or Wetransfer.


Compress Files Mac Os X

If you own a Mac, you’ll eventually need to transfer files and folders to others. To do that, you’re going to want to shrink - or compress - the files so they take up the least amount of space possible. That way, it will be easy to move your files via email, FTP, or even with an instant messaging application.

In the past, Mac users had to rely on an expensive application called Stuffit to compress files and folders. That application’s still around, but it’s no longer necessary the way it once was. In fact, macOS has built-in features that allow you to compress - or zip - files and folders on the spot. You can also uncompress zipped files and folders - it’s all built into macOS.

Compress Mac Files For Email

Here’s how to compress files and folders on your Mac:

  1. Locate the file or folder you want to compress. You can select multiple files and folders by holding down the Shift key (for multiple items) or the Command key (for several individual items) and clicking.

  2. After you’ve selected the files and folders, right click on them, and then select Compress.

  3. A window may appear indicating that your Mac is compressing the files or folders. Depending on the size of the files or the folders, this could take a couple minutes.

  4. Once your Mac has finished compressing the files or folders, you’ll see a nice little zip file. This contains all of the files and folders you selected to be compressed. Just send this to your Mac- or PC-using friends - they’ll be able to open it. All Mac users have to do to open the zip file is double-click it!

Compress Mac Files For Email

How Small Can You Make the Files?


How much space can you save by compressing? That depends on the type of files you’re trying to compress. Generally speaking, a zip file will be about 10% smaller than all of the files were before they were compressed. This feature works best with medium size files - compressing lots of small files or one or two big files won’t save you much space.

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