Coats And Clark Invisible Zipper Installation

To stitch the zipper position the zip teeth under the presser foot in the relevant groove and stitch until the presser foot reaches the zipper stop. Backstitch to lock in and remove. With the joining pieces of fabric side by side flip the piece with the zip sewn in over. Go to Product: Coats & Clark Invisible Zipper Foot product-sales-pricee $2.70 null. Compare Coats & Clark Invisible Zipper Foot. Go to Product: Coats & Clark Zipper Pulls product-sales-pricee $3.60 null. Null' Silver Chain & Ball; Silver & Black Rubber; Silver Pop Top; Silver Embossed Aztec. Invisible Presser Foot #35 I have a vintage 830 and have bought quite a few presser feet over the past few years. You can use most of the presser feet on an older machine as long as they aren't the wide feet for the wider feed dogs on the newer machines.

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Oh yes, the dreaded invisible zipper. It’s so scary… until you realize that with the right tool it’s actually the easiest zipper you can install. Seriously, I could type “get an invisible zipper foot” and practically be done!

Many machines have an invisible zipper foot available. If you’ll be doing this a lot, I recommend checking it out for your machine. If you are doing the occasional invisible zipper, just buy this one.

Really, it’s like $2 and you can pick it up in the zipper isle. I’ll show you how to use it. Virtual dj v6 0. 1 free download.

It comes with three different shanks, depending on the bar of your machine. It’s all about height, so measure according to the directions on the box and pick the correct snap on shank to put on the white foot. You want the bottom of the presser foot to rest on your feed dogs. If it’s slightly off, you can adjust it a little by sliding the shank up or down on your presser bar and then tightening the screw. There’s a detailed post on attaching the foot correctly here. Just a note, this foot works with Coats and Clark zippers. There’s also a foot for YKK invisible zippers… they are a little different in size.


The white presser foot slides side to side. Adjust it so the hole is centered below your needle. Try it out by turning the hand wheel to lower and raise your needle. If it hits the foot, you have one of the few machines that won’t work with this foot. See if your machine has one specifically.This is the foot I have for my small machine. Just in case, I will be back this afternoon with a tutorial on how to do it without the zipper foot.

Now, to attach the zipper.

Line up the zipper stop about 5/8″ from the top (or edge) of your fabric. Lay the wrong side of your invisible zipper (coils folded up) along the right side of your fabric. Basically, once you sew this zipper on and zip it up, it will automatically fold your seam under.

Now lower your invisible zipper foot so the coils go under the groove (I marked it in red above) and the needle is on the zipper tape side of the coils. See how there are two grooves in the foot? Make sure that when you sew you’re actually going to be catching the zipper.

The foot will unroll the coils as you sew, placing the stitching just far enough in that you won’t see it when you’re done, unless you roll the coils back and look. See how they kind of fold over your stitching?

Now, line up the other side of the zipper with the other side of your seam. I generally zip it up and pin it, then unzip to sew. If you’re sewing a garment, it should have marks for you to follow in lining it up. On a pillow, like I’m showing here, it’s just a matter of folding it over to make sure you’re going to line up right when you sew the pillow together.

Once you’ve sewn the zipper into the pillow, if that’s what you’re making, remember to unzip it at least halfway before you sew the squares together so you can open it up. I like this zipper on pillows that are double sided.

Zippers are a series of hooks and eyes to create a long, continuous fastener! Invented in 1890, zippers are certainly an interesting invention! Browsing through some files, I happened upon a short history of zippers in a Taunton Press article from 1991 by Kathy Sandmann.

“Whitcomb Judson devised this fastener system in 1890 and called it, the ‘C-Curity Placket Fastener. However, the invention was not very successful. The B.F. Goodrich Co., developed another version for its rubber boots. The Sales slogan used was ‘Just zip’er up and zip’er down”. Hence the name zipper was coined. ”

The ‘Talon’ Connection

A company (later named Talon) was started for the sole purpose of refining the slide fastener. The company developed metal teeth to be used in place of hooks and eyes. Soon, Coats & Clark discovered a way to die-cast the zipper, attaching metal teeth directly to a fabric tape.

In 1960 the evolutionary process went farther with the development of the coil zipper, a lightweight, flexible fastener and had almost unlimited versatility and that was every bit as strong as the metal zipper.”

Zipper Categories

Conventional Zippers – most common to us sewers, this type is closed at one end and they type most often used in dressmaking.

Separating Zippers – opens at both ends and is ideal for jackets.

Invisible Zippers – were designed so only the pull tab shows when properly inserted. ”


I have a great tutorial including

Coats And Clark Invisible Zipper Installation
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  • Lapped Zippers the EZ way and WITHOUT bumps or gaps at the top
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Coats And Clark Invisible Zipper Foot Tutorial

It’s all waiting for you with my ‘Talking Directions’ HERE.


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Coats And Clark Invisible Zipper Installation Tape

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