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Download and install extension. To sync your Webmail calendar in Outlook you need to download. Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is a free Outlook Plugin, which synchronizes events, tasks and contacts between Outlook and Google, SOGo, Nextcloud or any other CalDAV or CardDAV server. Supported Outlook versions are Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. We recommend DAVx⁵ for a seamless integration of your sync solution with Android!

CalDAV Synchronizer is a free plugin that can be downloaded and used from Microsoft Outlook to synchronize your Outlook Calendar with Zoho Calendar. This plugin acts as a CalDAV client and establishes a two-way sync between your Zoho Calendar and Outlook Calendar using the CalDAV protocol.

Table of Contents:

  • Configuring CalDAV Synchronizer

Caldav Synchronizer Download For Mac Catalina

Steps to configure CalDAV Synchronizer:

To sync your primary calendar in Zoho Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar:

1. Download and install theCalDAV Synchronizer Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

2. You need to configure IMAP for your Zoho account before proceeding to the next step. If you haven't configured IMAP yet, follow these steps.

3. Open Microsoft Outlook using your IMAP account.

4. Go to File > Options > Mail in Outlook. Scroll to Tracking section and uncheck 'Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls' and click Ok.

5. From the menu bar, go to CalDAV Synchronizer and click on Synchronization Profiles.

6. Click on the add symbol (+) in the dialog box.

7. Select the profile type as Generic CalDAV/CardDAV and click Ok.

8. In the Outlook settings, enter the name for the sync in the Name field.

9. Browse and select the Outlook Folder as Calendar and Click Ok.

10. To enable auto-sync, select Synchronize items immediately after change.

11. In the server settings, enter the DAV URL as

12. Enter the username and password of your Zoho Calendar account in the Username and Password field. If you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) for your Zoho account, you need to enter the Application-Specific Password.

13. Fill the email address field with the email ID of your Zoho account.


14. Select the Synchronization interval in Sync settings as 1 minute from the drop down.

15. Click on Show Advanced Settings.

16. If you want to use the IMAP/POP3 account password to sign in, then select the check box.

17. Click on Event Mapping Configuration from the left tree of the window.

18. Under General Event Mapping Settings, select Use Global Appointment ID for UID attribute.

19. Navigate to Zoho Calendar Sync from the left menu and edit the number of days for Synchronization timespan past and Synchronization timespan future.

20. After entering the required details, click on Test or discover settings.

21. Select the calendar from Zoho Calendar you want to sync with your Outlook calendar and click Ok.

22. The events will be automatically synchronized between both the calendars.

Steps to sync secondary/additional calendars using CalDAV Synchronizer:

Apart from the primary calendar in Zoho Calendar that you have synced with your Outlook calendar, you can also sync additional calendars with your Outlook account. You can sync group calendars, personal calendars, shared calendars and subscribed calendars with Outlook. For every additional calendar that you want to sync with Outlook, you need to apply the following steps.

To sync a secondary calendar apart from the primary calendar:

1. Follow steps 1 to 6 as mentioned above to setup CalDAV synchronizer.

2. Browse and select the Outlook Folder as Calendar and click New to create a new folder for the secondary calendar.

3. Enter the name of the folder and select Calendar Items from the drop down in Folder contains and click Ok.

4. Once the folder is created, it will be available as a subfolder under the already existing Calendar folder for Outlook.

5. Select the subfolder that you have created and click Ok.

6. Follow steps 8 to 18 as mentioned above to configure sync for the secondary calendar as well.

7. After clicking on Test or Discover settings, the list of calendars available in your Zoho Calendar account will be displayed.

8. Select the calendar (other than the primary calendar you have synced) from Zoho Calendar you want to sync with your Outlook Calendar and click Ok.

9. The events in the selected calendar will now be synced between Zoho Calendar and Outlook.


  • If the CalDAV Synchronizer plugin isn't available after installation in your Microsoft Outlook account, go to File > Option > Add-in > Go. Check the CalDAV Synchronizer option and Click Ok.
  • When you select the IMAP/POP3 account password to sign in, the password gets overridden. If you have IMAP configured for a different account for the DAV URL '', the IMAP account will replace the credentials filled in User name, Password and Email address.
  • For every additional calendar in Zoho Calendar that you want to sync with your Outlook account, you need to create a separate subfolder to sync the calendar and follow the steps. The subfolder that you create acts as a sub calendar in Outlook's end.
  • Shared calendars, subscribed calendars and group calendars are synced in read-only mode. While synchronizing calendars that are in read-only mode, the following alert will be displayed once you setup the sync. Click Ok.
  • To sync your primary calendar (default calendar) in Zoho Calendar with Outlook, you need to choose the default Calendar folder in Outlook.
  • If you choose the default Calendar folder in Outlook to sync your secondary/additional calendar, all event invitations received in IMAP will be sycned with this secondary calendar in Outlook's end. Hence, make sure to create a separate subfolder while syncing additional calendars.
  • Synchronization timespan past represents the number of days in the past for which events will be synced.
  • Synchronization timespan future represents the number of days in the future for which events will be synced. The minimum duration for Synchronization timespan future should be 365 days.

Steps to delete a CalDAV account in CalDAV Synchronizer:

1. Login to your Microsoft Outlook account and navigate to Calendar.

Texas holdem apps for ipad. 2. From the menu bar, go to CalDAV Synchronizer and click on Synchronization Profiles.

3. A list of all the CalDAV accounts configured will be listed in this window.

4. Select the CalDAV account you want to delete and hit the Remove (x) button.

5. Click Ok to save changes.


  • An IMAP account should be created in Microsoft Outlook using your Zoho Mail account. The email ID of the Zoho Calendar account synchronized using CalDAV synchronizer and the email ID of the Zoho Mail account used for IMAP should be the same.
  • In case of more than one IMAP accounts configured in Outlook, the default IMAP account should be set as your Zoho Mail account.

Limitations in CalDAV Synchronizer:

When IMAP account and CalDAV Synchronizer account is different

The IMAP account configured in Microsoft Outlook should be the same as the Zoho account used in CalDAV Synchronizer for the Event Invitation flow to work properly.

When IMAP is not configured

If you have not configured an IMAP account in Outlook, for Zoho Calendar events that are synchronized with Outlook, you will not be able to view the attendee information.If you make any edits to a Zoho Calendar event that has attendees, the event invitations will not be sent from Outlook.

Outlook folder selected should be the default Calendar folder

When you are setting up the CalDAV Synchronizer, you need to select the Outlook folder as the default 'Calendar' folder for the sync to work as desired. If you had chosen a different folder instead of the default calendar folder, while creating an event with attendees, you will be prompted as 'This meeting is not in the calendar folder'.

Automatically add meeting invites from your email

You need to make sure that Automatically add meeting invites from your email option in Calendar Settings is set to 'Allow'. If not, the invited events that are created in Zoho Calendar via Outlook will not be synced with the event invitation but only as a regular event.

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Troubleshooting CalDAV Synchronizer for Outlook:

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Duplication of events while using CalDAV Synchronizer

Caldav Synchronizer Remove

While using CalDAV Synchronizer to sync Zoho Calendar and Outlook Calendar, if duplication of events happen for Invited events, make sure the Use Global Appointment ID as UI attribute is selected under Event Mapping Configuration. If it is not selected, the Synchronizer passes the event as another unique event in Zoho Calendar side and duplication happens. If the problem persists, contact [email protected].