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  • 5; 4; 3; 2; 1; 3.9 stars. Add to Favourite. Here comes the new era of shooting and gathering! The Borderlands game is back and you will join a team of your comrades to meet the large world inhabited by horrible creatures, evil geniuses, and psychos! Three Hunters will accept you in their team and together you will make your.
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Do you think that perfect games cannot be even more perfect? We have news for you. The genius developers of famous Borderlands are ready to present a brand new version of their masterpiece. This is a remastered version, which means that brand new outlook of the game is waiting for all fans. Here you will find everything that was lacking before – more detailed graphics, improved textures, as well as new convenient gameplay and controls change everything radically. And, of course, to better! What is more, now the game is available for four players, which means that a team of your comrades will grow larger and stronger. The quality of the imagery is higher and the models of the characters are more bright now. The developers lighten them up, add effects, and there the game looks much more pleasantly than it was. By the way, no matter which medium and platform you choose – the title is equally great on all of them. And here is another cool and important adjustment. While you were playing in a team of three before, now another gamer will join. The screens are divided into two to let you see the same game from a single device. For four players, the screen is divided into four parts. These are the most significant and appealing changes made by the creators, but there are more of them to mention. For example, now the right upper corner of the screen will contain a mini-version of a map, which will help you see the movement around the locations easier. The radar is here as well, so you will track everything that happens around the area you are in. Cannot wait to test all the new features? Jump into the game right now then!


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