Best Free Flowchart Program For Mac


Discover why SmartDraw is the easiest to use, yet most powerful flowchart maker for the Mac. To simplify and explain the various processes, flowcharts are the best solutions. Whether for mapping out ideas, or laying out any structure or any other reason, the free flowchart software are user-friendly program which can be easily be installed.

Among the greatest visual aids depended upon to represent complex process flows is a flowchart.


Frequently used in educational, business and social organizations, it can be very easily created with the help of the following free software.

1. yEd – Graph Editor

This easy-to-use software has been very popular among the students and even professionals. You can create multiple flowcharts and color them as well.

  • Java-based software
  • portable format with German language interface support
  • used to create Computer Network diagram, UML, ERD

2. Dynamic Draw

This good tool for making flowcharts offers fifteen different flowchart shapes such as Decision, Connector, Process, Data etc. It will also let you insert the required figure or even images from your drive.

  • available in portable and installer version
  • can be used by the Linux OS
  • save the output images in SVG, PNG, TIF etc formats
  • can be used with transparent background

3. Dia

This is feature-rich software which can be used to create Flowchart, Assorted diagram, Circuit, UML diagram etc. Provided with a large number of symbols and diagram tools, this is more helpful for professional drawings and flowchart creation for the students.

  • create multiple flowcharts and diagrams on different tabs
  • export them into SVG, GIF, PNG, JPG etc. formats

4. ClickCharts Diagram Flowchart Software

If you have to create multiple Flowcharts simultaneously, this is the software for you. Apart from the traditional images and symbols available in the other free software, this one also has the option for inserting pointer, or texts.

  • Export them in popular images’ file format or PDF format
  • can be used in Mac OS X, Kindle as well as Android devices
  • create UML Diagram, Data Flow Diagram or ER Diagram

5. Diagram Designer

To generate electric circuit, GUI design, UML class diagram, or flowchart, Diagram Designer is yet another popular free software. Apart from providing 25 symbols, it also has a complete list of the symbols that can be used for flowchart creation.

  • save the image in formats like MNG, GIF, CUR, ICO, PCX etc. formats
  • get it in multilingual user-interface

6. Pencil

This is a handy drawing tool used primarily for desktop and mobile drawing but can also be used for making the flowcharts.

  • can create multiple flowcharts simultaneously
  • HTML, PDF, PNG, SVG are the common file saving formats
  • also available for Mac OS, Firefox extension and Linux OS

7. Edraw Mind Map

This quality software can create more than two flowcharts at a time. Borders, Backgrounds, Basic Flowchart Shapes etc are already inserted.

  • saves the flowchart image with watermark
  • has a paid version with better features

To simplify and explain the various processes, flowcharts are the best solutions. Whether for mapping out ideas, or laying out any structure or any other reason, the free flowchart software are user-friendly program which can be easily be installed. Documenting the complex relationships and expressing them visually is what this flowchart software is perfect for.

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Ideas, project designs, and lengthy workflows are best explained through a flowchart. These charts give your thoughts a clear and attractive presentation so that they can strike the right chord with your target audience. Talking about how to create flowcharts, the first thing that strikes the mind is native Windows or Mac tools such as Microsoft Word and Mac’s TextEdit. But, do you think they are simple enough to create a stunning flowchart? Most probably, no. And, this is the reason for which you need the best free flowchart software to create impressive flow diagrams with ease.

The marketplace has a plethora of free flowchart software for Mac and Windows, but all of them are not the best. Some of them are not even user-friendly, whereas, their paid counterparts are pricey. Thus, through this post, we enlist the truly best flowchart apps that let you create flow diagrams without any hassles. The cherry on top of the cake is that they all are free to use.

The Best Free Flowchart Software to Create Stunning Flow Diagrams

Below are the best free flowchart software for Mac and Windows to create impressive flowcharts.

1. Flowchart Designer (Mac)

This is among the best free flowchart software for beginners. It is a fairly easy to use program. All that you are required to do is, select one from basic, equations, flowchart objects, and rectangle. Then, drag and drop your selection to the canvas. Further, you can double-click the blue arrow to add duplicate objects and connectors effortlessly.

The ease of use is not the only thing that makes this app one of the best diagramming software. It also lets you organize the flow diagrams with options such as grids, rulers, snapping, and naming of the objects that you add to the flowchart.

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2. Dia (Windows)

This entrant on our list is among the best flowchart makers for Windows users. It is open-source freeware and lets you draw impressive flowcharts in a snap of fingers. Moreover, it offers a wide range of shapes for you to choose from such as UML, database, circuit, and more.

Other worth-mentioning features of this best program to make a flowchart include the availability of XML and SVG to add custom shapes. And, it also lets you use the standard or custom colors to make the shapes and text colorful. Above all, it boasts a straightforward and intuitive UI.

3. VisualDesigner (Mac)

When the talk is about the best free flowchart software for Mac, the name of VisualDesigner cannot be skipped. It encompasses a massive range of customizable shapes and connectors. Moreover, it also lets you add layers, resize the objects, and position them the way you want while creating complex flowcharts.

Apart from this, it also allows you to incorporate symbols and clipart to make the flowchart look more meaningful. However, in the free version, you only get 70 items. To get more than that, you need to shell out a few bucks and get the pro version.

4. yEd Graph Editor (Windows)

If you want to create professional-quality flow diagrams on Windows, then this is among the best flowchart apps that you can use. It hosts an ocean of tools to create diagrams, network graphs, trees, and flowcharts impressively. For instance, it lets the auto-arrange functionality for flowchart elements.

Moreover, it has support for multiple formats such as PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, and more. However, its user interface may seem a bit tricky to some of the users.

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5. (Mac)

Since Mac has a limited memory capacity and not so efficient storage management, we’ve got the best free flowchart software for Mac that can even be used online. Yes, you read it correctly. You can even use this tool without downloading it on the device. This is not all and it has a wide range of features and crisp UI to delight the users.

With this best flowchart app, you can create the flow diagrams in a blink of an eye through the in-built templates. Whether you want to resize or alter the flowchart objects, add connectors, or remove the unneeded items, this tool lets you do it all with ease.

6. ThinkComposer (Windows)

Do you deal with flowcharts on a daily basis? If yes, then this is among the best free flowchart software for Windows that you can use. With this tool, you can create customizable and reusable connections, use multi-level diagrams, combine charts, and generate XPS, HTML, or PDF reports.

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Moreover, this best flowchart maker also allows you to make business models, class diagrams, timeless, genealogy trees, and more. Thus, we can say that this is among the perfect flowchart making tools for the professionals.

Best Free Flowchart Program For Mac File


7. ClickCharts (Mac)

Here comes another easy to use and the best free flowchart software for Mac. Its UI reminds of the Microsoft Word as it has similar-looking buttons and tabs. With this utility, you can effortlessly choose and add shapes that you want to use for creating a flowchart, block diagram, or an organizational chart.


Furthermore, it also lets you connect the shapes easily with its auto-connect feature. It also boasts the much-needed gird view, grid snap, object snap, and rulers for aligning the shapes perfectly.

Best Microsoft Program For Flowcharts

Creating flowcharts that can accurately represent your business model, ideas, project designs, and workflows is certainly a tough task. But, with the best free flowchart software shared above, you can do it with the least efforts on your part. You can choose any of these tools as they all are on par with each other. Lastly, before leaving, don’t forget to join us in our newsletter for more such enticing information and other tech updates.