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Liz Hurley shows off her insane bikini body in a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram..

Liz Hurley shows off her insane bikini body in a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram.

Liz Hurley’s been at it again. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Even despite the possibility of the photos having a magic Photoshop wand being cast over them, there’s no denying Liz Hurley looks incredible in these snaps she shared to Instagram this week.


The 54-year-old supermodel is no stranger to posting a bikini shot — about every second photo features her in one of her own bikini designs. Yet still, she looks amazing every time.

Clearly laying off the chocolate during lockdown. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

In case you hadn’t guessed, she has her own swimwear line. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

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Khloe Kardashian’s face has been transforming as long as we can remember, but the latest photo shared to Instagram is something else. The before photo on the left is from 2013 and the latest photo on the right was posted to her Instagram this week.

Australia’s poppiest princess Kylie Minogue turned 52 this week and was seen answering the door to receive some birthday gifts.

She happens to have launched a rosé wine at British supermarket Tesco this week, and was conveniently holding the bottle when photographed by the waiting paparazzi.

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Cheeky promotion or did someone actually send a bottle of her own rosé for her birthday? Picture: Robs/BACKGRIDSource:BackGrid

Anna Faris was spotted taking her loo paper home from the supermarket.

She’ll laugh about it later. Picture: SPOT-stoianov / BACKGRIDSource:BackGrid

Kate Moss and lookalike daughter Lila Grace got outside for some sun as they headed to a party in London’s Hyde Park.

Like mother, like daughter. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid

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Ellen’s been copping some serious heat about her attitude on set recently, but here she is joking around with Aussie wife Portia Di Rossi.

It’s ‘fun’ Ellen. Picture: GAC / MEGASource:Mega

Paris Hilton couldn’t look more bored while riding her electric bike on Malibu beach on Memorial Day.

Ah, to be Paris. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid

Naomi Campbell celebrated her 50th birthday this week and posted this envious photo of her flower laden apartment to Instagram and shared a few insights into her life.

“I honestly did not think I would get here, for those of you who endured me through thick and thin, the ups and downs, for my recovery family, who keep me on the straight and narrow, who stand discreetly by side [sic] I am eternally grateful. My journey so far has been extremely colourful, always reminding myself I am a work in progress, growing and learning every day.”

Happy birthday, Naomi. Picture: naomicampbell/InstagramSource:Instagram

David Beckham and daughter Harper were seen smiling for the a picture taken by wife and mum, Victoria.

David and Harper do what Victoria Beckham hasn’t done in years. Picture: victoriabeckham/InstagramSource:Instagram

Sofia Vergara was busy uploading several bikini shots to Instagram this week.

How we all read books. Picture: sofiavergara/InstagramSource:Instagram

Pose number two. Picture: sofiavergara/InstagramSource:Instagram

The book got ditched for this pic. Picture: sofiavergara/InstagramSource:Instagram

Robin Wright and daughter Dylan Penn looked happy to be escaping the house.

All smiles. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid

Shia LaBeouf was out hitting the streets for a run again during lockdown.

He’s been pictured working out nearly everyday. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid

Kelly Rowland was spotted wearing a ‘Good Mama’ jumper and face mask on for a grocery run.

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Imagine a life where you got to wear your Chanel bag to Woolies. Picture: SPOT-stoianov / BACKGRIDSource:BackGrid

Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas ventured outside again for their daily photoshoot.

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Oh act casual, the paparazzi are there. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid

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