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The Best iPhone Apps for 2021 With almost 2 million titles available in the App Store, it's tough choosing which ones to install on your iPhone. We help you decide with our top app picks in a. Calendar with Alarm is an iPhone calendar app that, well, lets you set alarms. Never miss an appointment again! CalAlarm is an elegantly designed user friendly calendar that adds an alarm to your appointments, so that you are no longer committed to the two short standard calendar beeps. Easy and quick navigation through days and weeks and years. This wikiHow teaches you how to set an alarm on your Mac computer using the built-in Calendar app. While there are several alarm apps for the Mac that you can download from the App Store, using the Calendar app is fairly simple and you don't need to waste any hard drive space. See also: A Guide to the 5 Best iOS 14 Features. The one widget we don’t find in iOS 14 is an Alarm widget. And, although you can access the alarm settings under the Clock app on your iPhone, the only settings available for the Clock widget are the City, or time zone, settings for your Clock widget.

Setting up an alarm on your MacBook is not an easy task as you set up on your iOS device. There is no such Clock app available for iPhone and iPad where you can set alarm. But still, there are some more features available on MacBook that make this possible and you can easily get alerts sound, notification sound for the time you have enabled.

Here in this tutorial we are going to discuss some best ways to set alarm on MacBook Pro or Air.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac

1. Using Reminder


Using Reminder option is one of the easiest and best way to get alerts on the time you have set the task. Similar to the number of alarm you set on iPhone/ iPad, you can set multiple reminders on Calender and along with this you can also receive the short note about the alert. In this manner you can receive both alarm and notes for that task. To enable this follow some steps:

  • Go to Launchpad on your MacBook from Dock or directly tap on Reminders from the dock.
  • Tap on Reminders app from the application lists
  • Tap on the Plus icon (+) to add new reminder alert
  • Write your task and after the competition, click on the information (i) icon next to the reminder you have created.
  • Tick remind meoption and set the date and time to receive an alert.
  • Click Done once all set.

Now the reminder is activated, there is another option to receive a reminder by using at a location option instead of choosing only remind option. You can also tick both. But you have to enable the Current location settings from the Privacy option.

2. Use Calander to set Alarm on MacBook

As already discussed MacBook does not have a particular app to set alarm but all time associated apps provide this feature and you can take a lot from this. Here’s how the calendar works to enable alarm on Mac.

  • Go to MacBook’s Dock and either tap on Launchpad and look for Calendar or directly tap on Calendar from the dock.
  • The calendar preview mode is there and you can choose the view mode from Day, Week, Month or Year from the top tab area.
  • Double tap on the day/date on which you wish to set alarm.
  • The small box appears next to the date you have selected. You can enter here a new event, location, set a time when you want to receive alert and at last, you can also attach links, notes, and attachments.

Once done with these steps, close the Calendar app and your alarm is activated. If still, you are interested to have the app like Clock on an iOS device, then we recommend you to go for a third-party app that works quite similar to Clock works on iPhone and iPad.

3. Application for Alarm on Mac

On our list we found Wake Up Time – Alarm Clock is best and top rated app for this. Download and install it on your PC and follow some instructions to set alarm.

  • Launch Wake Up Time app on your Mac.
  • On the right side under Alarm time, set time and below this, you can select a different sound tone from the list.
  • The alarm gets activated once you tap the turn ON button. You can also see the alarm status below.

You can use the sleep feature to pause the alarm for some minutes which is not possible on the above two methods.

But all of this, the important thing is that your Mac must be turned ON while using any of the above methods. Otherwise, none of them work and you are not going to receive any alerts and notifications on Mac.

I hope you find this tutorial informative and definitely start setting up an alarm on your Mac. For the latest tech tutorials, deals follow the madestuffeasy community on Facebook, Twitter. For regular updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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Reminder apps are essential today. If you own an iOS Device, apps such as wunderlist and todoist are your best bets along with the native IOS reminders app. But there are many other apps which could be considered the best IOS Reminders Apps and here is a list of them.

10 Best Reminder (To-Do List) Apps for iPhone 2019

Best Windows Alarm Clock App

1 Todoist


Todoist is one of the best reminder apps for IOS. The design is beautiful and the functionality is unmatched. It allows you set reminders in natural ways instead of in rigid, preset manners which would make it seem like an instruction as opposed to a reminder to oneself. Further, you can set recurring tasks which will be instrumental in building habits. You can also color code tasks in order of importance. Lastly, it works across all IOS devices and hence, brings seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem.

2 Wunderlist

Wunderlist is considered one of the best IOS reminder apps due its simplicity and its ease of use. It can be used to set reminders for the mundane day to day tasks and chores to large programs that you may be planning to undertake. Further, you can also include colleagues in your projects and collaborate with them. You can classify tasks with hashtags. Further, this app works on all devices, including the Web and Android, so you need not worry about integration. There is a good notification system.

3 Evernote

Evernote is beyond doubt one of the most popular productivity apps in the world. It has a huge number of downloads and is even recommended by the App Store. Evernote is primarily a note-taking app, with powerful editing options that can be compared to Microsoft word. It also has a reminders feature that will help you keep things on track and meet deadlines. It has a nice design and is very easy to use. It has a free and a paid version with few extra features.

4 Things 3

Things 3 is a very powerful reminders app that works across all devices and operating systems. It allows you to set reminders directly using siri by saying the preset term “Remind me to”. It also downloads all the reminders into the native reminders and calendar apps, so they are safely backed up. This app also allows you to create tags and prioritize workflow. Further, you can set deadlines that the app will keep track of and prioritize for you. Lastly, you can also set scheduled repetitive tasks.

5 Due

Due earns a spot in this list as it simplifies and clarifies the process of reminders and scheduling. While most apps may be cluttered with reminders, Due categorizes them and puts them is preset categories to make it easy for you to follow up on them. You can also track deadlines with an app but in a smart way as it will by itself check your tasks and prioritize them according to time available. Lastly, it comes with cloud storage integration thereby increasing integration between all your devices.

Best Alarm App For Mac And Iphone

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6 Apple Reminder

The Apple reminder is the native reminder app that is preinstalled on all Apple devices by the factory itself. If you are someone who likes to keep their phone clutter free and not filled with third-party apps, fear not, because this app is almost as good as all the other apps on the list if not equally good or even better. Being an apple app, it is a part of the ecosystem and will work seamlessly between devices. It also has cloud storage integrated into it.

7 is a beautifully designed, simple to use reminders app that works seamlessly across all devices. It easily classifies all your tasks into set categories so you can track them easily. It alos allows you to add collaborators and thereby make it easier to work with your team. It has a smart grocery list option that will help you save time and money and the auto suggest feature will help you schedule better. It is all done with a beautiful design and seamless integration helps it.

8 Microsoft to-do

Microsoft to do is one of the most beautifully designed reminder apps. It has many preset categories within which you can initiate certain tasks. It has a day planner and a to-do list separately. It also has a reminder system that will make sure the task gets finished on time. Further, it can set recurring tasks and help build habits. It also supports collaborators. It is Microsoft Outlook integrated and hence will work seamlessly across all devices. Creating follow up tasks makes it easy to track projects.

9 Clear Todos

Clear Todos is a simple and elegant app that is beautiful to look at and simple to use. It is efficient in the way that it makes the process of organizing tasks clear and straightforward. Further, if you are someone who believes that the design is as important as the function, this app will be a treat for you. It does not sacrifice on functionality for the sake of form and manages to balance them both seamlessly. It has all the usual features you would generally expect.

10 Google Keep

Best Iphone Alarm Clock Apps

Google keep is a simple app that serves many purposes. It is originally a note taking app like evernote, but has additional functionality in terms of setting and following up on reminders. The design resembles a notice board with sticky notes on it, giving it a very office-like feel. It is colorful but not overly so and hence the strikes the perfect, understated balance. You can add photos to the app to make it a more visually appealing process. It is linked to your Google account.


To be efficient in the workplace or in any task you do, some planning and organization are required before you start working. This can be done on paper, like in the old days, but then you would be missing out on the advancements in the simplifying technology that will make your life easier and faster. If you own an IOS device, the apps mentioned above are your best bets when you are deciding which app to use or in which combination.

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Best Alarm App For Mac And Iphone

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