Battlefield 2142 Single Player Unlocks

A much needed mini mod for Battlefield 2 which allows you to add more players to single-player maps

A Battlefield (BF) Forum Thread in the Other/Misc category, submitted by strangemodul3 Yes, I know there is FLLOKES' mod (I submitted it myself, in fact), but I wish to also have all Northern Strike weapons and unlocks usable in Single-Player and LAN games for video-production purposes. Print 'Added player%d to unlock checking. Patch notes and updates for Battlefield 2142.1 1 UPDATE 1.01 2 UPDATE 1.05 3 UPDATE 1.06 4 UPDATE 1.10 5 UPDATE 1.20 6 UPDATE 1.25 7 UPDATE 1.40 8 UPDATE 1.50 9 UPDATE 1.51 10 References BUG FIXES - Fixed Client Side Crash on Titan Mode. ISSUE FIXES - Ground Defence kills now count towards Ground Base Defence Ribbon - Using the Medic Hub now counts towards Silver Medic Excellence. Battlefield 2 is a fist-person shooter that provides players with action packed single-player and multiplayer modes. The action takes place in a wide range of environments, from deserts to dense forests to city streets, where you can fight using all kids of weapons and spice things up by using a wide range of vehicles.

Battlefield 2 is a fist-person shooter that provides players with action packed single-player and multiplayer modes.

The action takes place in a wide range of environments, from deserts to dense forests to city streets, where you can fight using all kids of weapons and spice things up by using a wide range of vehicles. In single-player mode you are able to add up to 16 AI soldiers to fight alongside you on each mission and using the commander feature you can issue out orders to them.

Battlefield 2 also features advanced physics which work great with the fact that a lot of the environment around you can be destroyed. Additionally, projectiles may pass or not through different materials so players need to pay attention what they use as a cover. Car designing app for mac.

The patch which is made available on this page allows you to unlock and use more than 16 players on single player maps. This way you an take a large scale operation and turn it into an epic war.

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  • Battlefield 2

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Battlefield 2 Mod - Single Player 64 Maps 1.03 Beta

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Monday, 6 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
BF2142 Unlocks Mod
17:31 PST Print News Category: BF2142Forumplanet member FFOLKES has created a modification allowing you to use unlocks for Single-Player, CO-OP, and LAN play.
I created an Unlocks mod for Battlefield 2142 similar to the ones I did for BF2/SF. This mod has everything you could possibly unlock on-line (with some exceptions since knives/pistols were removed). Because DICE made some major changes to the Soldier kit size in BF2142 I was unable to do what I had originally planned. On that note, however, I was still able to get all the unlocked weapons, tools, upgrades, and abilities into the mod. But I was not able to get every unlock into some of the kits for both armies.
There are some small differences between which army has the unlock. However, all the abilities or weapon upgrades that don't use a key index are included in both the EU and PAC armies depending on the kit (e.g. Stablizer, NetBat, Sprint, Endurance, Extra Grenade, and etc). See the attached kit description file for details. I will also post a video later. Read the Rest..
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Sunday, 5 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
2142CC v1.4.2493 Released
21:19 PST Print News Category: BF21422142CC has released a new version today for server owners.
Released Sunday, November 5th, 2006
Download the 2142cc Client 1.4.2493
Download the 2142cc Daemon 1.4.2493 (MM Scripts Included).
Download ModManager Scripts Only
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'The Hunted' Game Mode 2142 Mini Mod
16:37 PST Print News Category: BF2142Over on the BF editor forums, Mach10 has created a BF2142 mini-mod called 'The Hunted'. Make sure to post your feedback, he wants to hear any suggestions you might have!
Update: Download was corrupt before this has been fixed.
Normal Conquest 'Control Point' apply. Each team must have a commander, if team does not have a commander within 60 seconds of the round start, that team forfeits the round. Teams must attack Control Points to initiate or cease ticket bleed; however, they must also protect their team's commander. If a team's commander dies (not killed, he can still be revived and continue), that team looses the round. Points for defending your commander from enemy attackers will reward you with a score bonus. Killing the enemy commander will reward you with a score bonus. Team killing your team's commander will subtract points from your score. Scoring radius for defending Commander is 5 meters.
Scoring: Defending your team's Commander: +2 points, Killing enemy Commander: +10 points, Team killing your team's Commander: -15 points
Download NOW! (47 MB) BF Editor ForumsComment on This!
Saturday, 4 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
BF2142 Single Player v1.1.0.0 Mini-Mod
15:49 PST Print News Category: BF2142Andy over on the Battlefield Single Player forums has released a Battlefield 2142 single player mod.
Those of us at BFSP are fed up with the tiny singleplayer maps EA gave us, so the talented AI guys have navmeshed the 32 and 64 size versions.
Initially these maps were made, and would have to replace the ones in your vanilla 2142, stopping you from playing online, so to get round this i made a minimod of it.
Also, being worked on is Titan Single Player! As these maps get updated with subsequent versions, and eventually with titan SP, i'll release more versions of this minimod. All you need to do is install and play! Read the Rest..
Download NOW! (64 MB) Comment on This!
Bit-tech BF2142 Review
12:56 PST Print News Category: BF2142Bit-tech has posted their review of BF2142 and given it a 8/10.
Almost every gamer will have at least one cherished memory from a game about war. It's an indisputable fact that many games are based on war in form or another; be it fantastical battles between wizards and orcs, an epic clash between ancient civilizations or a gritty, mud splattered World War 2 FPS. Gamers are pre-occupied about war, about battles and about playing soldiers, and it is for that reason that many of my (and I imagine many of yours too) most memorable gaming moments are born out of the war genre. Read the Rest..
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IGN: Titan Tactics & Strategy Guide
11:48 PST Print News Category: BF2142IGN has posted a very detailed titan tactics and strategy guide.
What do you get when you combine Conquest with a big-ass ship called Titan? The answer is Battlefield's latest addition. The goal is to destroy your opponent's Titan while defending your own. Sadly, this is easier said than done.
To start things off, the Titans are protected by an energy shield, which only has one weakness: missiles. Thankfully, there just happens to be five missile silos strategically placed around the map, and they can be taken control of in the same manner as Control Points. Once activated, missiles launch from the silos towards the opponent's Titan on a two-minute interval. Read the Rest..
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Friday, 3 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
Creative BF2142 Contest
8:23 PST Print News Category: BF2142Creative has a contest going on that allows you to win some nice products from them and even BF2142 itself. Check it out.
Battlefield 2142™ features an exclusive 'Ultra High' sound quality option for Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ users with support for 128 voices, X-RAM and sophisticated EAX® ADVANCED HD™ effects.
Now you have the chance to win a Battlefield 2142 PC Game, Sound Blaster X-Fi cards, Creative 7.1 speakers, and the latest Fatal1ty laser mouse for the ultimate Battlefield 2142 experience! Read the Rest..
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Thursday, 2 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
Community Update: 11/2/06
14:53 PST Print News Category: BF2142EA has posted a big community update today that talks about the upcoming BF2142 patch. Major changes include not being able to move the titan once the shields are down.
Attention soldiers,
We would like to explain here how committed we are to increasing everyone’s experience with Battlefield, especially regarding the updates for Battlefield 2142. We acknowledge that the patching process could have been smoother for Battlefield 2; we have listened to the feedback and learnt from it.
To accomplish this goal Dice has recently formed a Live Team with the purpose of making sure your playing experience on the Battlefield is as solid as possible after the game is launched. Among other things, the team works closely with the community and handles the patching process, together with the Ranked Server Providers.
Your Dice Live Team is located at the Dice Studio in Stockholm and is made up of key people from the game project teams. This means that the same people who actually built Battlefield 2142 will be responsible for updating it. It has the clear advantage of involving people who are fully knowledgeable about the code and design of the game. The patches will also be thoroughly tested in closed beta tests before being released.
The patches will also be entirely dedicated to correcting bugs and making fixes instead of introducing new gameplay mechanics, thus significantly reducing the risk of introducing new bugs with the patches.
With all this said, we would like to announce patch 1.05 for Battlefield 2142. The patch includes more than 25 fixes which will improve every player’s experience on the Battlefield.
The following fixes will be included, along with many others:
* Titan will no longer be able to move once its shields are down, so that lag within the titan should be significantly reduced and revive inside the titan shouldn’t be a problem any more
* Changes in EA master server communication to greatly reduce disconnects
* Players are now able to receive the Titan Survival Pin
* All players will see the same missile silo location numbers in Titan Mode
Patch 1.05 is scheduled for release later in November so keep watching this space for detailed release information. Also, stay tuned for more information on an upcoming competition allowing you to make your mark in 2142.
See you on the Battlefield!
/Your Dice Live Team
EA ForumsComment on This!
BF2142 - Invalid CD-Key Fix
8:28 PST Print News Category: BF2142For all those who are encountering a CD Key is invalid error after being upgraded to EA Link. EA has posted a solution on their support website.
If you started encountering an Invalid CDKey error message when trying to join an online server game after upgrading to EA Link, please try the following steps to resolve your issue. Note: These files will only work with the english-US version of the game on the Windows operating system. Your game must be installed in the default location. If you have installed Battlefield 2142 to a custom directory please use the manual instructions below.
1. At the bottom of this answer in the File Attachments section you will find 2 files. (bf2142.bat and bf2142.reg )
2. Click on each file to save to the desktop.
3. Once both files have been downloaded double click on the bf2142.bat file.
4. Try the game again. Read the Rest..
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Bf2142 Single Player Unlocks

Wednesday, 1 November, 2006 – Planet Battlefield News
Planet Battlefield & Logitech Giveaway Winners
17:05 PST Print News Category: BF2142Congratulations to Robert Avanesian, Robert Keasler, Cesar Cordova, Ryan Hunter, Jeff Taylor, Erik Borchardt, Ross Abel, and Cole Mullenbach. You were the winners for our recent giveaway of a Logitech G5 Battlefield 2142 Special Edition Laser Mouse and Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboards. Thank You all for entering, better luck next time if you didn't win.

Battlefield 2142 Single Player Unlocks

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