Backup Entire Collection Traktor Pro

Backup Entire Collection Traktor Pro

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Backup Entire Collection Traktor Pro

Backup Entire Collection Traktor Pro 2

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  • MBP, Mid 2012. 13″ Non Retina.
    500gb 5200rpm Mechanical Drive (OS & Music)
    8GB 1600mhz Ram

    Firstly, thank-you for taking time to read this.
    I have been having problems which have been keeping me awake at night and driving me crazy, and making me consider buying a bucket load of CD’s and forgetting Digital DJ-ing is a thing.

    After using Traktor for years, I start a new residency. Previous laptop had died so purchased a new MBP. Loaded up Traktor Pro 2. Using a X1 & Z1 as controllers. Now, extremely randomly, music would cutout for a second or two, and continue. Then, if I got really unlucky, music would decide it was time to fast forward, or sound like a garbled mess totally randomly during playback. This would happen at complete random. Days, Even weeks would go by without this happening. But still, it would creep up and kill a set for me.

    After having a single cut and paste response from Traktor Support (And 10 day response times). I decide its time to switch over to Serato. Best bittorrent mac. Yay, time for new controller. Quickly picked up a DDJ Wego to get me going quickly (Upgrades are planned, I needed something fast for New Years Eve). Two sets go by. No Issues.

    Bam. Same issues on third set with Serato. Withing 5 minutes of opening, a track was “cutting out” – sounding like someone tapping the jogwheel. Later, a track went into a garbled mess and was just generally horrible. With a booing crowd, luckily, I had a backup mix ready.

    I have,

    Restored my music from backup,
    Re encoded my entire collection,
    Fiddled with Latency etc,
    Reinstalled Programs (Serato & Traktor),
    Reinstalled OS,
    Checked for HDD Errors,
    Followed optimization guides for Traktor and Serato to the letter (Wifi off, bluetooth etc etc).

    I’m at my wits end. This has been happening for too long too me and it keeps me on edge everytime I play out. I’m not sure what else it could be.

    If you have any ideas of how to help, I would be eternally great full.

    I’d be leaning towards excluding the software from being the problem. Did you do your “I have done” list on both?

    What you wrote about Serato would have be thinking about latency first, but you say you fiddled with it. Not sure what fiddling means, but let’s say it’s not latency. Another thing that spring to mind would be USB (are you using a hub and if so, is it properly powered?). Another USB problem could be the cable (assuming that since the sound is going, it would be the cable running to the Z1). Did you try swapping cables out?

    Have you tried it with just the Z1 hooked up?

    Can you get/borrow/rent another Z1/F1 to exclude that it’s a hardware problem?

    Obviously I don’t have a direct answer as it’s not something I have come across before. Hopefully my suggestions give you a few other things to try.

    If you eliminate all the obvious things, the thing that remains – however unlikely – is probably the cause.

    I have had some similar problems once with an MBP and two Denon SC2900s, turned out it went wrong when I was playing venues with really bad power (we are @ 230V here and when we put a meter in I had it drop below 200V!). So that is something to check.

    Do you have the opportunity to try with another mbp?

    So we can safely eliminate the laptop as a contributor. And the gear itself. Having tested with both Traktor AND Serato I think settings are out. Having tested with both Mac and PC the OS seems not to be at fault here.

    It is truely strange, as you seem to have eliminated most things.

    How frequent is it, it seems you are able to reproduce it pretty easily? Is it with all tracks. Do tracks play well and not well in the same set?

    I am baffled, as you have been for some time now I imagine.

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Backup Entire Collection Traktor Programs

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