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Audio Converter for Mac. Best audio converter can help you convert audio/video file to any regular and lossless audio format like MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, WMA, FLAC, etc. In high sound quality on Mac.

To MP3 Converter Free is free to download and use. However, it has limitations for some features, such as batch processing, audio effects and loading tags from network. MediaHuman Audio Converter is a freeware application for Mac OS X and Windows. It can help you to convert your music absolutely free to WMA, MP3. To MP3 Converter Free is free to download and use. However, it has limitations for some features, such as batch processing, audio effects and loading tags from network. Premium Features subscription removes these limitations and lets you convert to perfectly tuned and organized music collections in one click.

From not being able to enjoy it outside of a concert hall to being able to walk with hundreds of songs in your pocket, the way that people listen to music has changed drastically over the years. This accessibility has also helped to make music cheaper; no longer do you have to buy that entire album, just for a single three-minute song that you love. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have made it possible to add new songs to your music library very quickly, but there is still a catch: you can only enjoy these songs through your Wi-Fi or data connection unless you pay a monthly fee to gain offline access. While this usually a relatively small fee for unlimited music access, not everyone can afford to shell it out month after month. That’s where an MP3 downloader for Mac can become helpful.

What is an MP3 Downloader?

An MP3 downloader is a tool that makes it possible to download music from YouTube and convert it into an MP3 format, or that let you download MP3 songs directly from the website you found it on. There are countless different versions of these programs available; some that work through websites, requiring an Internet connection while others are available to download onto your desktop to use with or without the Internet.

However, even though countless versions of this kind of program exist, Apple users need to look specifical for an MP3 downloader for Mac to even be able to open the app. Keep in mind, however, that downloading music with this method has some legality issues: you should only use these downloaders to download music you have paid for, that is in the public domain, or that is royalty free. But, with that said, here are some of the best MP3 downloaders for Mac currently available.

1. MP3Jam

If you’re looking for an MP3 downloader for Mac that is both quick and easy-to-use, MP3Jam is a great option. With MP3Jam, you can download multiple songs from different locations all at once, making downloading new songs a quick process. They also work hard to try and find the best quality version of the song you searched for, so you can be sure it will be high quality, going up to 320kbps, unlike other downloaders which may not offer such high quality for the content that you download. While MP3Jam is a free-to-use MP3 downloader for Mac, there is a catch. With this application, you cannot download an entire album all at once and are also limited to just five songs per 25-minute period.

2. Vuze

Vuze is considered by some to be the best current BitTorrent MP3 downloader for Mac. It is an updated, much improved, and much more powerful version of an older software called Azureus, which was made by the same company. Vuze is jam-packed with free user options and is incredibly customizable when it comes the settings. For those unsure of what are the best settings, Vuze makes it simple by providing users with clear descriptions as to what each option means. But, for a program like Vuze, which has so many fantastic features, to be free, there is a bit of a catch: you have to deal with ads. So, to avoid those ads while you download new music, you would have to pay for a subscription.

3. Jakasta

Audio Converter Mac Free Download

Jakasta is another MP3 downloader for Mac that is very popular. However, while other applications search through the various BitTorrent networks to help you find the music you want, Jakasta does something a little different. With this application, when there is a song you want to download, you need to turn on the programs “monitoring” mode before hitting play on the given song. Jakasta then will display the information within the program window, along with a downloadable MP3 link, which you can then add to your preferred media player. The program can identify over 3 million songs and find high-quality download links. While Jakasta offers a free version of their program, there is also an option to purchase their software to gain access to more features.

4. FrostWire

There’s a chance you’ve heard of FrostWire before; it was like the less popular cousin to popular programs like Napster and LimeWire. If you haven’t heard of FrostWire, it is a Peer-to-Peer information sharing client that allows users to share and search for different files, including MP3 files, all within the BitTorrent network. With FrostWire, you can use it for all sorts of different files, not just music. But, more than anything, people use FrostWire as an MP3 downloader for Mac. Unlike other BitTorrent clients, FrostWire includes a media player and library, making it possible to enjoy your music all in one place. With FrostWire, you can also preview songs before downloading, which is something other BitTorrent programs do not allow you to do for free.

5. Media Human

Media Human is another MP3 downloader for Mac, that you can use to download music from some different websites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, VEVO, and so many more. You are even able to download multiple songs simultaneously, making it easier to download multiple songs in a single go. On top of that, everything you download using Media Human can easily be transferred into iTunes or your preferred media library. Media Human can also help you find album or song artwork if you are someone that likes to have their music library have a visual aspect. Another cool feature that Media Human has that you cannot find in other similar programs is the ability to search for lyrics, without ever having to leave the software. The best part about Media Human is that it is freeware, so it is entirely free to download and use.

6. iTube Studio

Audio Converter Mac Free Download

Another well-loved and widely known MP3 downloader for Mac is iTube Studio. This downloader, like all the others, offers users high-quality MP3 downloads, locating them with just a web link. It can get songs from 10,000 different websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, and Metacafe. With iTube Studio, you can also convert the files you download into a wide range of audio and video formats to fit your needs. It is one of the simpler, more straightforward programs available to Mac users. But, iTube Studio is still a reliable MP3 downloader program, and it does an excellent job of downloading and converting different files for your offline enjoyment.

7. Airy YouTube Downloader


BitTorrent software can be a bit intimidating for some people. If you are reluctant to try those kinds of programs, another option is to turn to an MP3 downloader for Mac that works with video sites like YouTube to download content. Airy YouTube Downloader allows you to search for YouTube videos within the interface of the program to then download and convert them into a high-quality MP3, MP4, and FLV files. Airy is by far one of the most straightforward programs that you can use to convert your favorite music from a YouTube video format into an MP3 audio format.


8. FLVTO YouTube Downloader

FLVTO is another free Mac program that allows users to take YouTube video links and convert them into downloadable audio files. With this program, users can not only convert their files in MP3 format, but also MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, AAC, MOV, WMV, and WMA. But, it also makes it possible to extract audio files from video content before converting it into your desired format. It also uses HD-quality versions of the videos when it can, to ensure the highest quality of sound during the conversion.

Honorable Mention: All2MP3 for Mac

All2MP3 for Mac is not an actual MP3 downloader for Mac, but an MP3 converter. In other words,the All2MP3 for Mac software will easily allow you to convert music files between over 25 different file times. The All2MP3 for Mac program has been the preferred audio converter for Mac users for over eight years, so you can be sure it is incredibly reliable. What makes All2MP3 for Mac even more popular with Mac users is that it is entirely free.

Audio Cd To Mp3 Converter Free Download Mac

Even though music has become cheaper every year, thanks to new technology, sometimes having an MP3 downloader for Mac can be useful. These programs all offer quick, easy, and efficient ways to download new music for you to enjoy without having to need an Internet connection. But, the best part of these programs? All of them are free, or at least offer free versions, with the option of paid accounts if you want more features and ad-free downloading, making them accessible to everyone with a computer. But, just as mentioned at the beginning of this article, these programs need to be used with care, considering the various copyright laws that come with downloading music and other kinds of online content for free. With that in mind, however, when you need an MP3 downloader for Mac, then this list is bound to have a perfect option for you.

Sound Converter Mac Free Download

If you don’t want to install a third-party app to download music on your mac, you can also download music from your browsers like Safari & Firefox. This is a very easy and efficient way for users who can’t or don’t want to install apps for some reason.

Audio Converter software, free download

Welcome to the fre:ac project
Sunday, 11 July 2010 14:00

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for various popular formats and encoders. It converts freely between MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, WMA, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Monkey's Audio (APE), WavPack, WAV and other formats.

With fre:ac you easily rip your audio CDs to MP3 or M4A files for use with your hardware player or convert files that do not play with other audio software. You can even convert whole music libraries retaining the folder and filename structure.

The integrated CD ripper supports the CDDB/GNUdb online CD database. It will automatically query song information and write it to ID3v2 or other title information tags.

Features(click an entry to see details)

  • Converter for MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, WMA, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and other formats
    fre:ac converts freely between all supported formats. No matter if you need WMA to MP3, MP3 to WAV, M4A to MP3, WAV to MP3 or any other conversion, fre:ac supports any combination of formats.
  • Integrated CD ripper with CDDB/GNUdb title database support
    The integrated CD ripper will convert your audio CDs to files on your hard disk. It supports all of the formats available for regular audio file conversion. fre:ac can query the CDDB/GNUdb online CD database to find artist and title information prior to ripping. No need to enter track names manually.
  • Portable application, install on a USB stick and take it with you
    fre:ac can be installed on a USB stick or external drive so you can take it with you and use it on any computer. It will also store its configuration files on the portable drive. That way it will always start up with your custom settings.
  • Multi-core optimized encoders to speed up conversions on modern PCs
    The MP3, M4A/AAC, Opus and Speex encoders integrated with fre:ac make use of modern multi-core CPUs, so ripping and converting speeds get a real boost. You will save time and get the job done quickly.
  • Full Unicode support for tags and file names
    fre:ac provides full support for the Unicode character set. That way it can handle not only Latin scripts, but also Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Indian and others. If you like music from all over the world, you can tag your files in the original script.
  • Easy to learn and use, still offers expert options when you need them
    fre:ac's user interface is designed to be intuitive so you will be able to use the basic features without any trouble. It still offers advanced options when you need them so you will be able to go beyond simple ripping and format conversion using fre:ac.
  • Available for all major operating systems
    fre:ac is a multi-platform application and available for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and Haiku. The Windows version is available stand-alone or from the Microsoft Store. The Linux version is availble in AppImage, Flatpak and Snap format.
  • Multilingual user interface available in 43 languages
    fre:ac comes with a multilingual user interface and is currently available in 43 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Cantonese, Vietnamese, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Afrikaans, Basque, Esperanto, Galician, Catalan, Valencian and Corsican). It can be translated to other languages easily using the 'smooth Translator' utility that is included in the distribution.
  • Completely free and open source without a catch
    fre:ac is available for free without any adware or other foul things. However, the project relies on your support to be able to push the development further. If you like this software, please consider making a donation. Click on one of the icons in the donation section to the right to support the fre:ac project with a donation.
fre:ac is now available for Apple Silicon Macs
Tuesday, 17 November 2020 10:35

Just in time for the first Apple Silicon Macs being delivered to end users, fre:ac is now available for this new generation of Macs.

To support the different types of Macs, the macOS version of fre:ac is now available in two flavors:

  • For Intel and PowerPC Macs running macOS 10.x, download freac-1.1.x-macos10.dmg
  • For Intel and Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 11.0, download freac-1.1.x-macos11.dmg

Nvidia 9800 for mac windows 10. Head over to the downloads section to get the Apple Silicon version or any other variant of fre:ac.

fre:ac v1.1.3
Sunday, 11 October 2020 15:55

fre:ac version 1.1.3 has been released on 11th October 2020.

This is a service with only minor feature updates and improvements. Instead, the focus is on compatibility and bug fixes. fre:ac 1.1.3 adds support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur, updates codecs to the latest versions and fixes several issues found in earlier releases:

  • General changes
    • Added support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur
    • Switched to using GNUdb as the default CDDB database service
  • Improvements
    • Command line codec configuration now allows specifying additional arguments
    • Improved cue sheet encoding detection to support system codepage and UTF-8 without BOM
    • freaccmd now splits cue sheets to individual tracks unless an output file is specified
    • freaccmd now supports a --split-chapters option to split files into individual chapters
    • Added <profile> placeholder for output folder configuration setting, resolving to user profile
    • Added file type and audio CD associations to Linux/FreeBSD and Windows Store app
    • Added an option to suppress 'No entry found' messages for automatic CDDB queries
    • Improved detection of sampler CDs when querying CDDB information
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed possible conversion thread hangs when using external encoders
    • Fixed possible crash related to drag & drop handling on Windows
    • Fixed crash when writing fields containing only whitespace to certain tag formats
    • Fixed glitches in WAV/AIFF output when processing samples outside the -1.0/+1.0 range
    • Fixed possible hangs when opening WAV/AIFF files > 2 GB or with a broken chunk structure
    • Fixed inability to open WAV/AIFF files with long paths on Windows
    • Fixed writing wrong offsets to single file cue sheets when the resampling DSP filter is enabled
    • Fixed writing invalid chapter offsets to Opus files with source sample rates other than 48 kHz
    • Fixed writing invalid MP3 bitstreams in rare cases in SuperFast mode
    • Fixed wrong length detection for MP3 files with invalid chapter data
    • Fixed parsing of cue sheets with minute/second values missing leading zeros or longer 99min
    • Fixed parsing of embedded cue sheets without FILE designations
    • Fixed ripping progress for other drives stalling while one drive is ejecting
    • Fixed inability to pause or stop single output file verification
    • Fixed log files being archived despite disabling the corresponding option
    • Fixed various issues with multi-monitor support on macOS
    • Fixed user interface glitches after closing dialogs in tabbed mode on macOS
    • Fixed Shift+Pos1/End shortcuts being interpreted by the joblist and edit fields simultaneously
    • Switched from libav 12.3 to FFmpeg 4.3.1 for auxiliary format support
    • Added support for using the Core Audio codec of iTunes 12.10.9 and later

Upgrading to fre:ac v1.1.3 is strongly recommended for users of any earlier releases.

The new release is available in the downloads section. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to [email protected]

fre:ac v1.1.2
Saturday, 20 June 2020 14:42

fre:ac version 1.1.2 has been released on 20th June 2020.

This release introduces UI scaling to the system font size by default, adds support for theme colors and dark mode on Linux/FreeBSD, updates codecs to the latest versions and fixes several issues found in earlier releases:

  • Improvements
    • Scale UI to adjust to system font size by default
    • Added support for theme colors and dark mode on Linux/FreeBSD
    • Improved handling of maximized window state on Linux/FreeBSD and macOS
    • Removed non-working option to not lock CD trays while ripping
    • Stop ripping before trying to eject a disc
    • Write audio data CRC to log files when ripping
    • Write MD5 checksums to log files when verifying files
    • Write log entries when replacing existing files
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed length of last chapter of some audio books being detected as 0:00
    • Prevent interpreting numerical IDs or dates at the beginning of file names as track numbers
    • Fixed a possible source of random crashes when adding files to the joblist
    • Fixed possible crash when importing MP4/M4A files
    • Fixed possible crash when encoding in SuperFast mode
    • Fixed some graphics glitches on macOS

Upgrading to fre:ac v1.1.2 is strongly recommended for users of any earlier releases.

The new release is available in the downloads section. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to [email protected]

fre:ac v1.1.1
Sunday, 19 April 2020 14:07

fre:ac version 1.1.1 has been released on 19th April 2020.

This release comes with minor improvements as well as codec and translation updates and fixes several issues found in earlier releases:

  • Improvements
    • Improved file size and bitrate calculation for chapters and cue sheet tracks
    • Added <discid> placeholder for use in filename patterns
    • Added an optional disc ID column to the joblist
    • Added an option to eject the disc after ripping to freaccmd
    • Allow specifying device path instead of drive number in freaccmd
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed crash of freaccmd when querying CDDB while DISPLAY variable is not set
    • Fixed ripping of first CD track in paranoia mode on Windows
    • Fixed several issues creating CBR MP3 files in SuperFast mode
    • Fixed calculation of track conversion speed factor in log files

Upgrading to fre:ac v1.1.1 is strongly recommended for users of fre:ac v1.1 and earlier releases.

The new release is available in the downloads section. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to [email protected]

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