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Have you ever received a text from someone and for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out what your text buddy was trying to say? I know, it happens to me all the time. Well here is a text symbol dictionary to keep you on top of the latest texting lingo. I know, you’re welcome. Thank me later! LOL

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The ultimate guide for MacBook keyboards, including symbols chart/diagram, accessing special characters, and useful keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS. This is the ultimate guide for working with MacBook keyboards, including accessing special functions, characters, accents, and using keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X system. ( ^) The caret symbol is the control key. ( ⇧) The single arrow up is the shift key. ( ⇪) The arrow up with the line under it is the caps lock key. ( ⌘) Most people don’t miss the command key since the symbol is on the keyboard. ( ⌥) The upper right to lower left slash with the line above it is the alt/option key. One hint to remembering this key is the symbol has two parts and the print on the keyboard has two words.


#:-) Smiling with a fur hat

%- ) Confused or merry

%-( Confused and unhappy

%-} Intoxicated

%-6 Not very clever

&:-) Smiling with curls

(-: Smiling

(:-) Smiling with helmet

(:::X:::) Plaster /Elastoplast

******@* Cenitpede wearing a sombrero

*< :o)> Santa Claus


/: – Unamused, mildly cross

/(00)/ Spider

: – )… Drooling

: – 7 Smirk

: – D Grinning

:’ ) Happy and crying

: @ Shouting

:-# Razes

:( Sad, without nose

:’-( Crying

:-( Sad

:-( ) Shocked

:-(0) Shouting

:) Smiling without a nose

:-) Smiling

-:-) Punk

:-)= Smiling with a beard

:-)8 Smiling with bow tie

:-* Bitter

:-* Kiss

:-? Smoking a pipe

:- Sceptical

:^) Broken nose

:-{) With a moustache

:-{} Lip stick

:- Determined

:- /:-I No face/poker face

:- Angry

:-~) Having a cold

:’-( Crying

:’-D Crying with laughter

:-< Cheated

:-<> Surprised

:=) Two noses

:-0 hbtu 0-: Happy birthday to you

:-9 Salivating

:-c Unhappy

:-D Laugher

:-E Buck-toothed Vampire

:-o Appalled

:-O Wow

:-o zz Bored

:-v Talking

:-w Talking with two tongues

:-x Small Kiss

:-X Biggy sloppy kiss

:-X Not saying a word

;) Twinkle (Wink), without nose

;-) Twinkle (Wink)

@:-) Wearing a turban

@}–-,— A rose

@WRK At work

[:-) Smiling with walkman

[:] A Robot

{:-) Toupee

{:-) Smiling with hair

:-[ ] Mick Jagger

-I Sleeping

-O Snoring

}:-( Toupee blowing in the wind

<:- Monk / Nun

< -) Chinese

<3 A love heart =(_8^(1) Homer Simpson = :-)= Uncle Sam >: – ( Angry, yet sad

>: - Cross

>:-( Very angry

>:[email protected]! Angry and swearing

>@@@@8^) Marge Simpson

><:> A Turkey

>>: -) A Klingon

>8-D Evil crazed laughter

2bctnd To be continued

2d4 To die for

2g4u To good for you

2Ht2Hndl Too hot to handle

2l8 too late

2WIMC To whom it may concern

4e Forever

4yeo For your eyes only

5:-) Elvis Presley

7K Sick

8-) Smiling with glasses

8:-) Glasses on head

8:] A Gorilla

A3 Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

AAM As a matter of fact.

AB Ah Bless!

ADctd2uv Addicted to Love

AFAIK As Far As I Know

AFK Away From Keyboard

AKA Also known as

ALlWansU All I want is You

AML All my love

ASAP As Soon As Possible

ASL Age, Sex, Location

ATB All the best

ATK At the keyboard

ATM At the moment

ATW At the weekend

AWHFY Are we having fun yet

B-) Sunglasses

B:-) Sunglasses on head

B4 Before

B4N Bye For Now

BAK Back At Keyboard

BBL Be Back Later

BBS Be Back Soon

BBSD Be back soon darling

BCNU Be seein’ you

BF Boy Friend

BFN/B4N Bye For Now

BGWM Be gentle with me

BRB Be Right Back

BRT Be Right There

BTW By The Way

C :-) Smiling with top hat

c B-) Ali G

Cld9? Cloud 9?

Cm Call me

CU See You

CUIMD See you in my dreams

Cul See you later

CUL8R See you later

CYA See You

d:-) Smiling with cap

DK Don’t know

DUR? Do you remember

E2EG Ear to ear grin

EOD End of discussion

EOL End of lecture

F? Friends

F2F Face to face

F2T Free to talk

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FC Fingers Crossed

FITB Fill in the Blank

FWIW For What It’s Worth

FYA For your amusement

FYEO For your eyes only

FYI For Your Information

G9 Genius

GAL Get A Life

Apple Keyboard Symbol Meanings

GF Girlfirend

GG Good Game

GMTA Great minds think alike

GR8 Great

GSOH Good Salary, Own Home / Good Sense of Humour

GTSY Glad to see you

Apple Keyboard Symbol Meaning

H&K Hugs and Kisses

H2CUS Hope to see you soon

H8 Hate

HAGN Have a good night

HAND Have a nice day

IC I See

ICQ I Seek you

IDK I dont know

IIRC If I recall correctly

ILU I love you

IMBL It must be Love

IMFL I’m Falling in Love

IMHO In my honest/humble opinion

IMI I mean it

IMO In my opinion

IOW In other words…

IRL In real life

IUSS If you say so

J4F Just for fun

JFK Just for kicks

KC Keep cool

KHUF Know how you feel

KISS Keep it simple, stupid

KIT Keep in touch

KOTC Kiss on the cheek

KOTL Kiss on the lips

L8 Late

L8r Later

LDR Long distance relationship

LMAO Laugh my ass off

LOL Laughing out loud

LTNC Long time no see

M8 Mate

MC Merry Christmas

MGB May God Bless

MOB Mobile

MTE My thoughts exactly

MYOB Mind your own business

NA No access

NC No comment

NE Any

NE1 Anyone

NO1 No-One

NRN No Reply Necessary

NWO No way out

O :-) An angel

O4U Only for you

OIC Oh, I see

OTOH On the other hand

OU I owe you

PCM Please call me

PITA Pain the the ass copyright hubmaker

PPL People

PRT Party

PRW Parents Are Watching

QPSA? Que Pasa?

QT Cutie

R Are

RMB Ring my Bell

ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

RU? Are you?

RUOK? Are you Ok?

SC Stay cool

SETE Smiling Ear to Ear

SK8 Skate

SME1 Some One

SO Significant Other

SOL Sooner or later

SRY Sorry

STATS Your sex and age

SWALK Sent/Sealed with a loving Kiss

SWG Scientific Wild Guess

T+ Think positive

T2Go Time to Go

T2ul Talk to you later

TDTU Totally devoted to you

THX Thank You

THX40 Thanks for nothing!

TIC Tongue in cheek

TMIY Take me I’m yours

TTFN Ta-Ta For Now!

TTYL Talk To You Later

U You

U2 You Too

U4E Yours For Ever

UR You are

URT1 Your are the one

W4u Waiting for you

W8 Wait…

WAG Wild ass guess

WAN2 Want to

WB Welcome Back

WLUMRyMe Will you marry Me? Nik software mac high sierra 10.12.

WRT With respect to

WTF What the f…

WTG Way to go!

WUF Where are you from?

WUWH Wish you were here

X Kiss

X! Typical Woman

Y! Typical Man

YBS You’ll be Sorry


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Whether you’re new to Mac or have been using it for years, highly specialized things like shortcuts, special Mac symbols, and accented characters might result in a web investigation spiralling out of control.

If you’ve just recently switched from Windows, you should know that Macs don’t really use alt codes to type special symbols. Instead, all of the most popular Unicode characters can be typed in right from the keyboard. Unfortunately, Apple could do a much better job of shining light at this functionality.

Apple Keyboard Symbols Characters

For example, if you want to get a copyright symbol on Windows (©), you need to type in Alt 0169 — whereas, a copyright symbol on Mac is just Option + G. Similarly, a degree symbol on Mac (º) is Option + Zero and a registered trademark symbol on Mac (™) is Option + 2.

Truth is there are many more like this and below we’ll explore different ways of how to type copyright symbol on Mac or any special characters Macs allow, where to find Apple keyboard symbols, and whether there’s an emoji keyboard on Mac.

What Are All The Mac Keyboard Symbols?

While a standard computer keyboard contains around 80 keys, you’re able — in one way or another — use it to input all of the Unicode characters, of which there are about 130,000.

To start, simply explore how all the face-value characters change when you combine them with modifier keys — Control, Option, and Command. You can even combine multiple modifiers together as well. To see all Mac keyboard shortcuts symbols clearly, however, you need to turn on the full keyboard layout.

Cleverly type with Setapp

Download Setapp to accelerate typing special keyboard symbols on Mac – bypass any limitations right now.

Display all Mac keyboard symbols

Even if you’ve been using your Mac for a while, it’s useful to look at all the possible keyboard combinations from time to time to refresh your memory and discover new ways of quickly inputting information.

Luckily, it’s easy to show all Mac key symbols at once:

  1. Go to System Preferences ➙ Keyboard
  2. Check the box next to “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar”

Now you can click on the language flag in your menu bar and choose Show Keyboard Viewer. The interactive display will appear, showing all the keyboard symbols and altering the view in real time when you use modifier keys.

Of course, even using all the modifier keys and combinations available, it’s impossible to fit all the characters in such constrained amount of space. To see all Mac key symbols, you need to select Show Emoji & Symbols option from the same language flag menu, or use a shortcut Control + Cmd + Space.

Here, you’ll see all kinds of categories on the left: Emoji, Arrows, Currency Symbols, etc. In the center are all the characters within a given category. And on the right you can pick a font variation of the same symbol.

To type in a TM symbol Macs use, for example:

  1. Open your word processor of choice
  2. Call the Mac symbols menu
  3. Navigate to Letterlike Symbols on the sidebar
  4. Double-click on ™ to paste it into your editor

How to create custom Mac keyboard shortcuts symbols

With the Show Emoji & Symbols window, you have access to nearly all Unicode characters you’ll ever need. However, if you need to use some special characters — such as a copyright symbol on Mac — rather frequently, it would be quite inconvenient to call up a menu and search for what you need every time. Of course, you can add the copyright symbol to your favorite characters, which will save you some time, but there’s a much better way.

Macs allow you to create shortcuts for all keyboard symbols to be able to easily type them in whenever you need. For example, to create a shortcut for the copyright symbol on Mac:

Apple keyboard shortcut symbols
  1. Type in the © character into your editor as described above and copy it with Command + C
  2. Open System Preferences ➙ Keyboard
  3. Navigate to the Text tab
  4. Click the plus sign
  5. Paste your © symbol in the With column on the right
  6. Type in a desired key combination to trigger the copyright symbol on Mac in the Replace column on the left

Although this default shortcuts method works well for characters or emoji, it doesn’t effectively translate into longer strings of text or paragraphs. If you want to, for instance, create a shortcut that outputs a sales email template, you’d need to use a little nifty tool called Rocket Typist.

Rocket Typist is a full-featured text expansion app created to minimize repetition in composing any form of text-based communication. It’s essentially a small database of text snippets you’ll use over and over again.

Starting with Rocket Typist is easy: use File ➙ New to create a new snippet, specify the abbreviation, fill out as much text (sentences or even paragraphs) as you need, and then use the abbreviation to expand text in any application.

How to switch between keyboard languages quickly

Sometimes, the Mac keyboard symbols you need are only available in another language — say, they could be Cyrillic-based. To access them, you’d need to enable another keyboard layout on your Mac.

Luckily, it’s easy to do:

  1. Go to System Preferences ➙ Keyboard
  2. Navigate to Input Sources
  3. Click the plus sign
  4. Choose the language you need and press Add

Now, the second keyboard layout will be activated. Don’t forget to check the box next to “Show Input menu in menu bar” to see which layout is currently active. The standard shortcut to switch between layouts is Cmd + Space, but you can also change it to Caps Lock key in the Input Sources options.

Extra tip: typing emoji on iPhone is much easier if you add an emoji keyboard layout to your languages.

Special Characters: Type in various symbol variations

In some cases, you might just want to access a variation of the symbol that’s already on your keyboard, such as an accented letter.

One way to do this is to find the character of your choice in the Keyboard Viewer, as described above. Another way is to use a keyboard shortcut. You can get an acute accent by typing Option + E and then the letter. Similarly, circumflex is Option + I, grave accent is Option + backquote, tilde is Option + N, and umlaut is Option + U.

A quicker option though is to simply press the key of the letter you want to modify and hold it for a second until a small menu appears. Then just choose a number that corresponds to the modification you seek.

Apple Keyboard Symbol Meaning Dictionary

Digitize complex math expressions

If your studies or line of work require the use of complex math, you might be spending too much time crafting LaTeX and MathML expressions by hand. But as with nearly everything else nowadays, there’s an easier way.

Apple Keyboard Symbol Meaning Urban Dictionary

MathKey is a Mac app specifically developed to write complex equations in academic papers and math documents. Instead of composing dozens of obscure symbols together, the app allows you to hand-write the equation using your trackpad (or mouse) and output perfect LaTeX or MathML, ready for publication.

Search for anything instantly

It’s likely that you won’t retain all the information provided here. But don’t worry, the only thing you need to keep is a supercharged search that can take you right back to the answer you’re looking for.

Lacona is an intelligent search for your Mac that contextually analyzes the query and outputs a range of possible solutions, whether it’s launching a certain app, looking it up online, or performing a pre-defined action.

Any question about Mac keyboard shortcuts symbols — such as “how to type copyright symbol on Mac?” — would be met with a guiding response. And all you have to do to start Lacona is press Option + Space.

So there are a lot of things your Mac is capable of that you might have not even considered before. With regards to symbols and characters, what you see on the keyboard is just a tiny slice compared to the total amount available. Using Mac symbols properly will enrich your communication, making it clear and efficient, especially if you get used to creating snippets with Rocket Typist, transferring math equations with MathKey, and keeping everything at the tips of your fingers with Lacona.

Best of all, the apps mentioned above are available to you on a free trial through Setapp, a platform of more than 150 specific Mac apps that are designed to make your days more productive and fun. Now you’re ready to solve some equations!

Apple Keyboard Symbol Meaning Symbols

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