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  • Browse the top-ranked list of Mac Pc Games below along with associated reviews and opinions. Keys and Kingdoms Piano Learning Adventure Game with Keyboard and 3 Month Subscription - iOS, Windows, Mac. The game looks amazing and plays fine, but, the frame rate suffers a bit on ultra settings( around 50 fps).

This is our first classification of Mac games in a top. The Mac Action Games category has cumulated 146 titles. Because of this, we have decided that action games must open this series of Tops. We rank games based on the number of downloads. Therefore, all we need to do is to organize the leaderboards. Below you find the TOP 5 Action Games for Mac. Enjoy reading and maybe you also find a game to like and download.
Please note that this article has been written on May 30, 2019. At the moment you read this, there are for sure different stats. Anyway, we will update this article if there will be big changes.

1. GTA V Mac OS X

Downloads: 127.483
Version: FULL & Activated
Minimum SysReq: OS X: 10.10, 4 GB Ram, 1 GB Video Card, 50 GB free HDD space
Price: FREE

From far, far away the most popular and downloaded among the action games for Mac is GTA V. This was among our first games presented here, on the new project. We are very proud that this game has reached more than 127.000 users. Therefore, this game has definitely the best results, more than double compared to the second place in this top. After its release, there were also other games that attracted more users, but just for a certain period. Talking about our 2015-present project, GTA V Mac OS X is in the first place. You can check below a video, to see how to play Gta V on Mac, and also the download button.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Downloads: 41.761
Version: FULL & Activated
Minimum SysReq: OS X: 10.10, 4 GB Ram, 1 GB Video Card, 43 GB free HDD space
Price: FREE

In the second place, at a pretty big difference, is Call of Duty Black Ops 3. We also have presented more Call of Duty games for Mac, but this one has the biggest success, with almost 42.000 downloads. This is one of the most popular FPS on all platforms, not just on Mac. Many critics have said that this title is the most optimized, without bugs, and with smooth gameplay. All that a true FPS needs. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mac OS X made thousands of players happy, and it continues to do. The action games for Mac category has seen a big increase in visits since we presented this title. Check the list below to see what games from the CoD series you can also download from MacGamesWorld. Just hit the search box in the top-right corner and type in the game wanted.

Other CoD games for Mac

  • Black Ops
  • Black Ops II
  • Modern Warfare
  • Infinite Warfare
  • WWII

See below how to play CoD Black Ops 3 on Mac with no additional software and windows emulators. If you like it, hit the download button and give it a try.

3. Need for Speed: Rivals


50 Games For Mac Os

Downloads: 41.200
Version: FULL & Activated
Minimum SysReq: OS X: 10.9, 3 GB Ram, 1 GB Video Card, 28 GB free HDD space
Price: FREE

Very close to the previous place in our top is Need for Speed Rivals. This racing game has been a big surprise, even for us. We didn’t expect to have such a big success because we also have other racing titles, more popular and acclaimed. Anyway, Need for Speed Rivals for Mac is the most downloaded racing game and it is set on the 3rd place in the action games for Mac leaderboard, with around 41.000 downloads. We can’t be anything but happy that our users left our website with the game wanted. As in the COD situation, you can use the search box to find the titles available from the NFS series.

Other Need for Speed games for Mac

  • Shift 2: Unleashed
  • Need for Speed (2015 Game)
  • Payback

We again show you an NFS Rivals Mac OS gameplay video, to see how it runs on a MacBook Pro. If you like it, feel free to use the download button in order to get it on your Macbook/iMac.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Downloads: 36.819
Version: FULL & Activated
Minimum SysReq: OS X: 10.10, 4 GB Ram, 1 GB Video Card, 39 GB free HDD
Price: FREE

50 Games For mac

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is very popular nowadays, even if it was released back in 2015. Many big critical companies have declared this game as the “Game of the Year” thanks to its gameplay, storyline, graphics, and action. It is firstly categorized as an RPG for Mac, although it has a lot of action. Therefore we can definitely include The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Mac OS in this TOP 5. With almost 37.000 downloads in two years, it is set in 4th place, but with big chances to climb a few positions. We will keep this TOP 5 Action Mac Games updated every month, therefore you can save it as a bookmark and check it periodically.

The Witcher 3 on Mac has also a gameplay video uploaded on our Youtube channel. Feel free to watch it below and if you like it, hit the download button.

5. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Downloads: 24.613
Version: FULL & Activated
Minimum SysReq: OS X: 10.11, 4 GB Ram, 1 GB Video Card, 29 GB free HDD
Price: FREE

50 Games For Mac Download

The final position in our Top is occupied by one of the most amazing action games for Mac. The fighting category offers almost the highest rate of action in games. No storyline, or very few elements, no role-playing, no boring scenes. Just fights full of action and incredible visual effects. The Dragon Ball anime series are probably the most popular ever created. Dragon Ball FighterZ Mac OS is the latest title released, in January 2018. A surprisingly big number of players have requested this game through our Request a Game form (see it at the bottom of the page). Because we generally complete our user’s requests, it hasn’t been a long time since we presented the game for Mac, in .dmg format. The gameplay is below if you want to check it.

Other Dragon Ball titles for Mac

  • Xenoverse
  • Xenoverse 2

Nearly 25.000 people downloaded this game, in just 8 months. This is a very nice conversion rate, which will surely improve in the future, similar to the 4th place presented above. Below is also the download button, if you didn’t played this game on your MacBook/iMac already. Enjoy!

Team fortress 2 play now. In conclusion, if you want to try some action games for Mac, these are the most preferred by our users. Although you can download and try any other title because you know… tastes are different, especially in the world of games.

50 Games For Mac Games

Action Games for Mac was our first TOP 5 and we hope that you love it and found a game to download and play. Thank you all and don’t forget to come back because we constantly present top games for Mac.

50 Games For Mac