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5 Nights At Candy

Five Nights at Candy’s is an unofficial horror game in FNaF series and it was created by a fan. If you are so into survival adventure games filled with spooky moments and creepy challenges, then this fanmade game is the right one for you. Five Nights At Candy's 1 and 3, a Studio on Scratch.DISCLAIMER. I know that the picture says FNAC 1-3 but I could not find FNAC 2 except for this 'early demo' which is just Google images. Five Nights at Candy’s World: The Adventure is an adventure game, which is Free for Download here. This game is inspired by the FNAF horror game series, featuring the lives of Animatronics.

What can possibly happen to you in a children’s cafe? The kids are having fun, the animatronics are entertaining them and everything seems fine. But after the building closes, you will see horrible things here. Five Nights at Candy’s will show you what it’s like to be attacked by charming toys that suddenly spring down from their places and attack you! You will be a guard who starts working at night. Do everything in your power to survive in this madness and don’t end up in the creepy hands of the cursed toys!

Five Nights at Candy’s World: The Adventure (ORIGINAL FALLING MOON EDITION) Free Download is created for all ages with fantastic gameplay and pinky lovely background. This was developed by Waterboy Games and first published on February 28, 2017.

Being inspired by the FNaC series with no horror element, plus exiting innovation, it is considered as a fantastic remake that suits everyone. The game looks incredible with sweet background, old characters, old storyline, and old but gold gameplay. All generations would love to play it!

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Five Nights At Candy's World All Characters


Players will take the role of main characters in the FNaC series. As getting lost, players shall jump into many adventures with a lot of fun to get back in the right way. In each adventure, players will get involved in battles between two teams: the player’s team and the AI team. Try to get control over the opponent team to earn rewards after winning. These rewards can be used to buy new characters or upgrade the old ones. Then, gradually build an army to earn more rewards.

5 Nights At Candy's World The Adventure

Interacting often with teammates as well as using unique strategies are the key to win the game.

This game also has a game tutorial to instruct players on how the battles work. Take good use of it to know more about the gameplay and raise the chance of winning the game.