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FOM© is an online accounting and equipment management software. FOM© is FREE for small research group use (online scheduler only, with a minimal installation fee). FOM© supports unlimited number of equipments, unlimited number of facilities, and unlimited number of users. 32,558 likes 387 talking about this. FOM 722-06B 1 of 17 FAMILY TEAM MEETING FOB 2016-005 9-1-2016 CHILDREN'S FOSTER CARE MANUAL STATE OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES OVERVIEW The Family Team Meeting (FTM) is an essential component of MiTEAM, Michigan’s Child Welfare Practice Model. FTMs serve as the primary forum for safety planning, collaborative service.

Welcome to the investor information site
of FOM Technologies.
Velkommen til investor informations siden
for FOM Technologies.

On this site, we have gathered all information, relevant for current and potential investors. We hope that you’d like to join our growth journey!

På denne side har vi samlet al den information, vi har vurderet, vil være relevant for nuværende såvel som potentielle investorer. Vi håber du vil være med på vores vækstrejse!

FOM Technologies is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark under the ticker symbol: FOM. The ISIN code is: DK0061278199.
See the FOM Technologies share price on Nasdaq.

FOM Technologies er noteret på Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark under ticker symbolet: FOM. ISIN koden er: DK0061278199.
Se FOM Technologies aktiekurs på Nasdaq.

The Investor Portal allows you to view your personal share information and change your contact information. Both a Danish and an English version of the Investor Portal is available.

Shareholders are encouraged to sign up and register their email address. Log-on to the investor portal and register your email – all investor related information is shared digitally.

Investorportalen giver mulighed for at se sine personlige aktie oplysninger og ændre sine kontakt oplysninger. Både en dansk og en engelsk version af investorportalen er tilgængelig.

Aktionærer opfordres til at tilmelde sig og registrere deres e-mail adresse. Log på investorportalen og registrer din e-mail – alle investorrelaterede informationer kommunikeres digitalt.

February 11, 2021 Deadline for general assembly proposals 2021
February 25, 2021 Annual report 2020
March 11, 2021 General assembly 2021
August 27, 2021 Half-year report: H1 2021
Pending Deadline for general assembly proposals 2022
Pending Annual report 2021
Pending General assembly 2022
Pending Half-year report: H1 2022

FOM Technologies owns a 51% stake in MLMC Therapeutics ApS.
FOM Technologies ejer en 51% andel i MLMC Therapeutics ApS.

FOM Technologies

Annual Report 2019/
Årsrapport 2019


FOM Technologies

5 More Os X Lion Wallpapers Fomo

Annual Report 2018/
Årsrapport 2018


FOM Technologies

Annual Report 2017/
Årsrapport 2017


FOM Technologies

Articles of Association/


FOM Technologies

Remuneration Policy/


FOM Technologies



FOM Technologies



FOM Technologies



All Os X Wallpapers


Os X Wallpapers

Norden CEF ApS
Kongevejen 365
DK – 2840 Holte
CVR-nr: 31 93 30 48


Deloitte Legal
Weidekampsgade 6
DK – 2300 København S
CVR-nr: 33 96 35 56

5 More OS X Lion Wallpapers   FOM

Issuing Bank/
Udstedende institut

Danske Bank A/S
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK – 1092 København K
CVR-nr: 61 12 62 28


Weidekampsgade 6
DK – 2300 København S
CVR-nr: 33 96 35 56

Mac Os X Lion Wallpaper


FOM Technologies
Artillerivej 86, 1.
2300 Copenhagen S
Company nr: DK 34715726

Mac Os X Wallpapers


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  1. get an active workday coa (charter of accounts) number from your advisor.
  2. check to make sure your computer/smartphone is on yale local network or yale vpn.
  3. click yale fom (facility online management) to open yale fom page and logon using your netid and password.
  4. follow instructions to set up your personal fom account. let us know if your pi or department is not in our database.
  5. follow the requested format to fill coa number in the accout setup page.
  6. fill and submit the biosafety form to activate “add this account” button.
  7. existing fom users can also click “my accounts” in your fom account to add a new account. an updated biosafety form is required for each new coa account.
  8. go to “user home” page, click the small square button next to “yale west campus materials characterization core” below “available equipment” to open the dropdown instrument.
  9. in the popup “new user application form” choose “internal” user and hit “apply” button. the core manager will be informed by email and you will be contacted for trainingm arrangements.
  10. please read the user training page for additional x-ray radiation training requirements on xrd and xrf.

external users:

external academic and industrial users please contact the core for account setup.